Tuesday, January 25, 2011

CFville - Wasting Away Again

Here is the song Mike wrote while in the hospital in December as he was making the best of things with another 14-day stay. Words are written out below. Enjoy.

Gettin’ an x-ray, watchin’ the port placed,
All those nurses covered with masks
Strummin’ my six string, up in the east wing
Feel those drugs they’re beginning to kick in.
Fourteen days again in the hospital
Searchin’ for my lost pole of drugs
Some doctors claim that there’s a germ to blame,
But I know it’s all the germ’s fault.

CF’s the reason, I stayed here all season.
Nothing to show but this brand new red scar
Got a new Micky, it ain’t pretty
How it got here I haven’t a clue.

Woke up did vitals, neubs and inhalers
Waiting for the doctor to cruz on back in.
But there’s O2 for power, and a chair in the shower
With rails that will help me get up and hang on.

P.S. Sorry for the naughty language (wink) people were getting into it.
And for my Pipe Fab friends - yes, I am busy when I listen to this! ;)