Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mother's Day 2015

This is the only year I actually took a picture of us AT the "c" church

Every year my kids ask me what I would like for Mother’s Day and every year I give the same reply. The other day Katie asked me and I just looked at her and when she looked up to see why I hadn’t answered I said, “Katie, what do I always want for Mother’s Day?” And with a big smile she said, “I know. All your kids in church with you.”

At work on Friday, many folks wished me and all the other moms a Happy Mother’s Day weekend as we left for the day. I work with some special people! As I was driving home I thought about my yearly request. And for a brief moment I thought, wow, I won’t get my wish this year. But as I looked up at the beautiful sky and thought about my Mikey up there in heaven I remembered that there are two churches. There is the “church” or small c church as Pastor Wagenknecht used to say and the capital C “Church.” The small c church he referred to is the earthly church we belong to here that has 4 walls and a ceiling. The capital C Church is the Church triumphant which includes all believers here and in the Church in heaven. So for Mother’s Day I will continue to get my wish – all my children with me at CHURCH! I am one blessed momma indeed.
This was a gift from Mike two years ago.

Everyone has a mother so I wish you all a blessed Mother’s Day as you celebrate this holiday in your own special way. I am very blessed to still have my mother here. Her example will always be a blessing to me. For those of you who have had to say goodbye to a mother I pray you find peace through the knowledge of a blessed reunion one day. And for those women who yearn to become mothers and wait for God’s direction in their lives, may you also find peace in God’s perfect plan for your life.

To my fellow grieving mothers who have lost a child or children I pray God’s presence in your life. The pain you experience is one only God can heal. I know each journey will be different but I know the only way to peace is through Him. I pray that you will find support and community to help you through long days. I pray that as we struggle, stumble and fall that people will be patient with us. May we forgive others and they forgive us.

I have to admit it was another trying week. How can things be so cloudy and then go so clear? All I know is that God is so good. He blesses us with just the right people to help us along our path. And there is ALWAYS forgiveness. Thank you God for forgiveness.

As I finished this post the phone rang. It was my son Richie. He called to tell me that as he was walking home with his friend a car pulled up and he was attacked. Richie received two blows to the face and head and then kicked after he was down on the ground. Right here in our town. A couple blocks from the Lutheran High School he attends. Thank you God for keeping him safe. God help those troubled young men. This should not be happening. 
Unprovoked – random . . . senseless. 

My son is gentle and respectful and still has a broken arm that he can’t use much. No words. So thankful God is much bigger than these young men. These young people are someone’s children. Are they celebrating Mother’s Day today? I hope so . . . Father forgive them . . . and help us to also.

Praying for peace. Blessings to you.

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