Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Stolen Moments

Mike is on DAY 11 of his stay at the Madison Hilton hospital. He has been very blessed this stay with lots of encouragement. Many visitors have come in person to help Mike hold up his arms through this battle. Others are strengthening him through the cards they have sent. Mike asked me to tell you thanks! It means a lot to him.

On Friday, Mike got some special visitors. Uncle David (his godfather) drove up from Tennessee and surprised him with a visit. While they were visiting 15 of the "brothers" rode in on their Harleys to steal Mike away. Kind of hard to be sneaky with a group that big but security offered them a place to park their bikes together and they were able to grab Mike and take him a few blocks away for some non-hospital food - wings - his favorite. What a treat after a week of hospital food and isolation. What very special men these are that continue to support Mike. Again, if anyone snapped a picture, I'd love to have a copy :)

After the brothers left, David and Mike were able to do some more visiting before it was time for Mike to get back to the regimen of breathing treatments, therapy, drugs, etc. Mike said he was able to discuss some things with David and that was a blessing. Angie also paid a visit. Always good to see a fellow CFer. All in all a very nice break in the middle of a long stay.

You know, for many of us, it's not easy to go visit someone in the hospital. It's not easy to write that card of encouragement. We want to....really we do. But then those insecurities creep in....the ones that say - "I'll say something dumb and probably make him feel worse."
"I hate hospitals, I'll wait until he comes home to visit him."
"This is what pastors are for....they know what to say. I don't know what to say to someone facing what he is . . ."
"I just don't know what to do. I'm not good at this stuff."

You know what? We've all had these thoughts - we're all human. But some will push beyond their comfort zone and insecurities of feeling like "I'm not enough" and just do it. They might not have eloquent words to say....they may say nothing at all. But they came  or sent a card  or ordered take out from a nearby restaurant and had it delivered to Mike or they messaged him on Facebook or added Mike to their Netflix account or said a silent prayer. In some way, they "showed up" and that makes a difference. It makes a difference in Mike's life. It makes a difference in this world. It makes a difference. It made Mike's day a little brighter, his load a little lighter to carry....a bright spot among so many shadows. Stolen moments that take Mike's mind off of the reality of CF even if only for a moment. That is a blessing.

God bless you for your acts of kindness!

Mike's carbon dioxide level was slightly above normal when he was admitted. His doctor's have decided that it would be good for him to get used to using the bipap machine at night. The first couple of nights were a little rough but it is getting better. On Thursday he will do PFTs again and repeat the 6 minute walk. We'll update you when we have more news.

Blessings to you!

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